IPC Team

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Nathan Browning


Nathan realized early in his career that he needed to surpass the current boundaries within the discipline of Landscape Architecture.

The industry standard of a two-dimensional format lacks the ability to produce a design with a unique aesthetic that serves deeper ecological purpose and functionality.

Nathan set out to create a team of experts in horticulture, botany, ecology, architecture and environmental engineering that would compliment his sense of four-dimensional design.
His experience with designing, building, then watching projects evolve has enabled him to create a company that is in a field of its own.

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Spencer Woodard


Spencer is interested in the history of human relationships with plants and landscapes and how the ever-changing state of these relationships has affected the ways in which people interact with and influence larger ecological systems.

Spencer’s foundations in landscape design and anthropogenic agro-ecosystems began with the study of plants - traditional pre-colonial land management, ethno-botany, agroforestry, and horticulture - in Central and South America.

Since 2007 Spencer’s professional work with Island Planning Corporation (IPC) has taken him around the world countless times and consisted of a malleable integration of horticulture, design, research, botany, and logistics. Spencer spends his free time with his wife Katerina and two daughters at home in Sebastopol CA, where he is continuously expanding and managing an extensive and diverse collection of edible, medicinal, useful and ethnobotanically significant tree and perennial species.

Spencer started working with IPC in 2007, the day after he graduated from Antioch College with a self-designed major in Socio-Ecological Sustainability.


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Eric Nyman

Environmental Engineer/Project Management

Eric started with IPC in 2010. His work involves large landscape project design and implementation in remote locations in a wide variety of climates. He develops the support networks for landscape systems through vocational, natural resource and infrastructure development with the primary goal of amplifying native ecology and promoting land stewardship.

Prior to IPC, Eric worked as an independent contractor for the United Nations Development Program and United States Agency of International Development as a chief engineer implementing wastewater-to-resource projects. He also worked in the private sector in Panama, as a project engineer for remote developments. Before his international experience, he worked super boring engineer type jobs in the states.

Eric Nyman graduated with an environmental engineering degree from Humboldt State University in the northwest of California.

His other experience ranges from being a vegetarian chef, co-restauranteur (whose restaurant is still running after twenty years) to developing tropical homesteads. He has studied human interaction with the environment in many places around the world to understand the erosion of the relationship in order to determine how to stop it.

He speaks enough Spanish to joke and almost, but not quite enough, French.

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Joaquin Bonifaz

Architectural Designer

Joaquin is an architectural designer with experience in a wide range of building sectors including commercial, master planning, cultural, and residential. His work with Perkins+Will and Aranda\Lasch has won awards such as AR MIPIM Future Projects Award for Tall Buildings and the J.Irwin and Xenia S. Miller Prize.

Joaquin's B. Arch comes from Syracuse University and his M. Arch II from Harvard Graduate School of Design. In the Academic field he has taught with Benjamin Aranda at Harvard Graduate School of Design, at Columbia University and at Pratt GAUD.

Joaquin is a Legacy LEED Accredited Professional.