The islet Sveti Stefan is a fifteenth century fishing village located in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Montenegro. Once converted to a resort and subsequently fallen into disrepair, the entire island village was stripped back to the stonework, renovated and upgraded to become an Aman Resort.

Island Planning Corporation provided landscape master planning and landscape design / build for the island landscape at Aman Sveti Stefan as well as 2km of the mainland coastline, including Milocer and the Aman Spa at Queen’s Beach.

One of IPC’s central design objectives was to achieve the maturity and diversity of a five-hundred year old, wind-swept coastal village landscape. To guide our species selection and overall design aesthetic we visited historic villages in the region, including the Praskvica Monastery gardens in the mountains of Kotor. Olive trees, central to the region’s cultural heritage, were salvaged and transplanted from a centuries-old grove slated to become the resort’s service compound.

Aman Sveti Stefan opened to guests in the spring of 2011. IPC continues to design and consult for the Aman Spa and future Aman villas on the mainland.

Location: Montenegro
Geo: 42°15'20"N 18°53'28"E

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