Located on Vinh Hy Bay on the southeast coast of Vietnam, Amanoi sits on the cliffs overlooking the South China Sea to one side and Nui Chua National Park to the other.

Island Planning Corporation provided landscape design and, due to the dynamic nature of the site, we provided full-time onsite landscape administration direction from pre-planning through project completion.

The highly varied topography was both an asset and a challenge. Our objective was to create privacy from above as well as between structures, while framing and opening view corridors and access paths.

To fulfill the project’s design requirements, IPC developed on-site plant nurseries, growing thousands of native trees, shrubs, and groundcovers for formal landscaping, restoration, and reforestation. In addition to on-site propagation, IPC transplanted hundreds of mature specimen trees and shrubs from road and construction areas.

IPC integrated a diversity of traditional edible and medicinal plants to the wide range of native flora, making the Amanoi site a veritable botanical garden.

Amanoi opened to guests in the summer of 2013 as part of Aman Hotels & Residences.

Date: 2013
Location: Vietnam
Geo: 11°42'36"N 109°11'34"E