IPC’s masterplan proposal for Libreville’s Bord de Mer follows President Ali Bongo Ondimba’s vision for a Green Gabon by embracing the fundamental role of preserving the country’s biodiversity and pursuing sustainable economic and social development, all in the heart of Libreville.

Along the 7 km stretch of waterfront, our proposal creates a public realm for all citizens, residents and visitors by offering key areas for recreation, commercial activity, community gatherings, transportation hubs and urban parks, thereby safeguarding natural resources and reinforcing Libreville’s cultural identity.

The masterplan aims to supports native ecology, encourages the local economy, and integrates existing landmarks while providing access to the water edge and strengthening connectivity from the primary public accesses of the city to the waterfront. The modernized Bord de Mer is designed to evolve into an internationally renowned destination and inspire furthered development of a Green Gabon.

Location: Gabon
Geo: 0°24'55"E 9°25'32"E