Situated along the Mexican Riviera in Jalisco, IPC’s project in the region encompasses 3000 acres on and around the Bahia de Chamela, a long bay sheltered by twelve small uninhabited islands. The Chamela-Cuixmala Biosphere, a 130 square-km nature reserve, borders the project to the east.

This large-scale project involves extensive restoration, reforestation, and tree relocation, and the eventual construction of a resort along a rocky coast overlooking Chamela Bay.

IPC is working with the resort project to establish large-scale nurseries devoted to the long-term propagation and cultivation of thousands of native trees and shrubs. Many of which are indigenous to the region and not available commercially. IPC is currently in contract for selection, seed acquisition, and propagation of a wide diversity of plant species, as well as the development of training programs for nursery personnel to promote and inform future horticultural capacitation.

The nursery project is on-going and expanding.

Date: Ongoing
Location: Mexico
Geo: 19°31'13"N -105°3'26"W