Jonathan Muecke’s Design Miami Pavilion (DMP) is a study in refined form and color: two curved walls describe a circle, with apertures creating a passageway between them. The structure is painted in intense shades of red and green within and primary blue and yellow without. Standing outside the entrance to the fair, the structure is gently angled away from the main doors to provide a tranquil area away from the bustle of the fair.

Muecke worked with Island Planning Corporation to select and position three specimen Gumbo Limbo (Simaruba glauca) trees alongside the pavilion to balance the positioning of the three benches inside the pavilion. ”We’d always been looking for this wildness,” says Muecke. “Trees that are somehow defiant of being categorized as an image – they’re somehow not picturesque.” The organic colors and structures of the trees make the pavilion itself look even more sharply artificial. –

Date: 2014
Location: USA
Geo: 25°46'22"N -80°11'34"W