In 2011, the real estate company DACRA appointed IPC to design the Landscape Masterplan for Miami’s Design District. The intention behind the Design District redevelopment was to create a mixed-use urban community and luxury retail hub unique to the city.

IPC’s landscape masterplan reinvents the 18-square-block commercial area as a multi-level urban park, with rooftop gardens, large canopy trees lining the streets and promenades, and landscaped destination areas. All new construction in the District have rooftop gardens, both accessible and inaccessible. Sections of the District now have tree-lined streets.

Paseo Ponti, the new pedestrian promenade, extending from 38th to 42nd Street, leads to Palm Court, a large open courtyard incorporating a Sou Fujimoto facade and a water feature with a Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome, surrounded by groupings of tall palms.

IPC’s masterplanning design and installation work in the district has evolved steadily for over a decade and continues for subsequent phases.

Location: USA
Geo: 25°48'45"N -80°11'27"W