As a part of IPC’s Landscape Masterplan for Miami Design District, Palm Court represents one of our principal projects of Phase II.

The expansive open courtyard incorporates more than 50 palms representing several native species from South Florida and Caribbean, including Coccothrinax spinosa and Heterospathe elata. The groupings of palms surround an iconic geodesic dome designed by renowned architect and inventor, Buckminster Fuller.

Palm Court features architecture by Sou Fujimoto and Aranda/Lasch along with public art installations by Konstantin Grcic, Matthew Richie and Xavier Veilhan.

Palm Court is located at the south end of Paseo Ponti, a north-south pedestrian pathway that bisects the heart of the District.

Location: USA
Geo: 25°48'44"N -80°11'31"W