For the 12th International Venice Architecture Biennale, IPC collaborated with New York-based studio Aranda / Lasch on the ‘modern primitives’ installation, a series of indoor-outdoor geometric sculptures surrounded by overgrown blankets of moss. Featured at the entrance of the Venice Biennale (Italian Pavillion, Palazzo delle Esposizioni) Aranda / Lasch derived their inspiration for the sculptures derived from the quasicrystal: geometric shapes containing an ordered structure but which assume patterns that do not recur at precisely regular intervals.

As a part of IPC’s collaboration we sourced and transported 500 sq. ft. of Hypnum moss from Slovenia to Venice to be integrated into the sculpture installation. With its soft, dark green texture and simple single celled vascular structure, moss was representative of an aesthetic and botanical counterpart to the rigid complex quasicrystals.

Date: 2010
Location: Italy
Geo: 45°26'0"N 12°21'1"E